Lucky Punches happen all the time

Gold mines are all around us.

You can find one, too.  But, you have to look.   So, how does one find a gold mine?

One hires a prospector!

I enjoy dispelling myths and one of my favorites is the myth that lucky punches never happen.  Companies assume that:
a)  they never happen, or
b)  they depend only on luck and thus it is not worth it to look for them.

This has not been my experience.

Lucky punches happen all the time.   Finding them is part art and part science.  Science can be taught and art can be bought.  Thus you can find them too.  I have found several of them during my career and can find them for you.  I can also teach your organization to find them.

I offer consulting and execution in all phases of the product life-cycle.  However, my specialty lies in the front end: delivering attractive business opportunities.

To learn more about my offering, I invite you to check in regularly as I build up this blog.

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